ord.mor started its journey very recently in 2022 as a hobby.
Bespoke day to day products that were designed to utilise the simplicity of
sheet metal manufacture but still contain well considered details and
functions. Now it is time to share the.


We promise you two things: we will keep releasing new well new well-designed
products and we will keep the price as low as possible, whilst still investing
in our future development. We want to grow with you and share our products with
the world.


Our designs were only able to become reality with the partnership
of a manufacturer specialised in sheet metal laser cutting and forming.


The ord.mor Frame Wallet if the First member of the family and will
soon be joined with a wide collection of highly considered industrial design.


ord.mor is a young brand with much to learn, where all of our
focus will be spent giving customers exceptional products. If there is any
aspect of your purchasing experience we can improve, please get in touch.